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In 2016 Fuzzy Logix realized that current tools and technology for Index creation or for Index operations are based on heavily manual and error prone processes which are ultimately a drag on the growth of the overall business.
In conjunction with one of Asia’s largest Index providers, Fuzzy Logix developed an automation tool with the mission to drive 10-100x efficiency in the process, allowing our customers to focus on the high value, intellectual aspect of the business, and letting the software do the menial work. As a result, our customers can rapidly grow from managing a few hundred indexes, to several thousand indexes covering a larger geography with an exposure to various new asset classes – without adding any additional staff!
Today, the Fuzzy Logix Index platform manages over 200 indexes tracking over $4Bn in AUM globally and the Fuzzy Logix Index Design Services are being regularly used by some of the leading ETF issuers, Fund managers, Asset managers & Wealth managers across the world to mould their seed ideas or concepts to new Indexes.
FastIndX Fuzzy Logix was formed in 2007. Led by a team with a combined passion for solving problems with quantitative methods, data mining and pattern recognition, and a foresight of how businesses would increasingly collect information and need to achieve actionable insight from this data, they created a business that transformed data analytics. By performing the analytics directly where the data resides and eliminating the need to move it, in-database analytics was created. Fuzzy Logix has over 40 Fortune 500 clients worldwide.

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